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When engineers design plants for process technology in the chemical industry, the safety for humans and environment is of the highest interest.

This is why the companies in the chemical industry have created a common specification for valves in the critical applications. The PAS (Public available specification) 1085 specifies the delivery conditions for valves, regulating units and process control modules which are used in the chemical industry.

ERBO has developed a special valve series which fulfills the safety guidelines and quality standards of this specification.

Resilient Seated Valve

Z 011-A THERM.png

Wafer Type Valve with Integrated Thermometer

Z 011 A GAS .png

For Gas Applications

Z 011 A WATER.png

For Potable Water Applications

Z 011 B.png

Vulcanised Liner

Z 011 AS.png

Light Weighted Aluminium Version

Z 014 A .png

Resilient Seated Valves

Z 011-A THERM.png

Lug Type Valve with Integrated Thermometer

Z 014 A GAS.png

Resilient Seated Valves

Z014 A WATER.png

Resilient Seated Valves

Z014 B.png

Vulcanised Liner

Z 011 GMX .png

Special Lining for Abrasive Media


Resilient Seated Valves

f 012 a gas.png

Resilient Seated Valves

f012 k1.png

Resilient Seated Valves

f012 k1 gas.png

Resilient Seated Valves


Resilient Seated Valves


Resilient Seated Valves


Split Body Design 

z 614 a.png

Split Body Lug Type 

z 611 c.png

Designed for the Chemical Industry


Resilient Seated Valves

Z 611 k.png

Resilient Seated Valves

z 614 c.png

Valve with Split Body 

M 015 A.png

Center Flanged Butterfly 

z 014 wn.png

Full Flanged Valve

z 011 S.png

Light Weighted Aluminium Version in EBRO Works Standard 

Z 612 A.png

Double Flanged Butterfly Valve

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