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Applications in the bulk solids sector make high demands to the components which are mounted in the plant. On the one hand for sensitive fluids like milk powder or tea leaves the gentle product handling is of paramount importance. On the other hand high abrasive fluids like quartz sand or porcelain slurry make the highest demands to the abrasion resistance of the used materials.

For almost all applications EBRO offers a broad range of valves and actuators which are laid up unconditionally for the particular application. Impeller valves and inflatable liners for sensitive products, abrasion-resistant materials like the special coating of polyurethane for abrasive fluids and vibrating valve discs for the prevention of adhesion – We offer the solution for your application.

Resilient Seated Valve

Wafer Type Valve with Integrated Thermometer

For Gas Applications

For Potable Water Applications

Vulcanised Liner

Light Weighted Aluminium Version

Resilient Seated Valves

Lug Type Valve with Integrated Thermometer

Resilient Seated Valves

Z014 A WATER.png

Resilient Seated Valves

Z014 B.png

Vulcanised Liner

Z 011 GMX .png

Special Lining for Abrasive Media


Resilient Seated Valves

f 012 a gas.png

Resilient Seated Valves

f012 k1.png

Resilient Seated Valves


Universally applicable Knife Gate Valve


Smart Box unit 

Smart Valve Monitoring

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