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Level Instrumentation

MODEL 3100E.png
The model 3100E is an electric, float-operated switch which can be used as a high or low level alarm or for liquid level control
The 3100P is a 2-way normally-open or normallyclosed switch and the 3100P1 is a 3-way block-and-bleed switch
MODEL 32003201.png
The Model 3200/3201 liquid level controller is ideal for oilfield scrubber and separator applications. Its rugged and versatile design make it the preferred choice of production operators for reliable service in a wide variety of applications
3500 3510 Mallard.png
The Model 3500 (rigid-union) and Model 3510 (union-union) gauge valves are recommended for use with model 3520 glass liquid level gauges and are compatible with all armored flat-glass liquid level gauges.
The Model 3520 glass liquid level gauge is a rugged flat glass gauge. Standard construction includes a solid one-piece chamber, steel covers, alloy steel bolts and nuts, and tempered glass.
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