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Pressure Regulators 

5602 air and gas.png
The 5602 is a spring-operated regulator used to supply air or gas to pilots, positioners or to pneumatic controls.

• Inlet relief
• Dual outlet
• Built-in micron filter
mALLARD 5645C.png
The model 5646C pressure regulator provides economic control of natural gas, air, or a variety of other gases in commercial and industrial applications. This self-operated pressure reducing regulator is equipped with an integral pitot (boost) tube for increased flow capacities and stability. It is designed for inlet pressures up to 1000 psig and outlet pressures from 5 to 200 psig.
High Pressure Regulator .png
The model 5660 is designed to reduce high inlet pressures to working pressures. Careful design and quality materials throughout assure long, trouble-free operation in the most difficult industrial environments.

• Non-venting
• Seating surface is field repairable by simply rotating the seat block 180 degrees to a new seating surface
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