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We are excited to announce the merger of Instrumentation and Control Technologies (ICT) and Solution Valve into Adaptive Industrial Solutions.


ICT has been serving customers since 2008 and Solution Valve since 2016. The merger into Adaptive Industrial Solutions will bring more product offerings and expanded value to our customers throughout the Midwest. All key personnel were retained through the merger and we are excited to move forward into 2023.


Any questions, please reach out to or

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Rupture Pin Technology is a specialty products division of Taylor Valve Technology. Rupture Pin Technology is a leading manufacturer of high quality buckling pin valves. 

. Every Rupture Pin product is designed to meet the highly demanding requirements of oil and gas producers, refiners, chemical plant operators, power generators and the processing industry in order to more effectively control their liquid, steam or gas operations

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Magnetic Level Gauges, Magnetostrictive Level, Point Level Switches, and Laser Level Transmitter.

Direct Reading Liquid/Flow 


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Open Path and Fixed Gas and Flame Detection Products and Services, Man Down Stations.

5-year Warranty (Transmitter/Controllers)

Simple 4 Step Calibration on Products

Easy Configuration

Built in Sensor life for E-chem Sensors

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pH, ORP, Conductivity, D.O., 02 Analyzers, Turbidity and Suspended Solids.


Temperature Sensors, RTD's, and Thermocouples.


Manufacturer of Direct Drive Pressure Gauges & Pressure



Economical pH, ORP, Conductivity, Dissolved Oxygen, Chlorine Dioxide, 
and other water quality sensors and transmitters.

Sensorex YouTube Link


​​Portable Gas Detection, Respiratory, and Safety Products.



Temperature and Pressure


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Serving the Midwest

If you are not in our territory please still reach out. We are happy to get you in contact with the right people.

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